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There’s a New Standard for Tile Grout!

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Great things come in twos. Now there’s an ideal partner to Davco Tile Adhesives when installing ceramic or natural stone tiles! Davco Standard Tile Grout gives your tiled surfaces the resilience to stand daily wear and tear. It is a cementitious grout designed to have resistance to a broad spectrum of molds, fungi, and bacteria. Paired with regular cleaning and maintenance, your ceramic or natural stone tile surfaces installed with Davco Tile Adhesives and Standard Tile Grout may even last a lifetime.

The ideal ratio for preparing Standard Tile Grout is 1kg of the powder for every 330ml of water. Make sure to only use only clean water! Add the grout powder slowly as you constantly stir it into the water. Keep stirring until it’s lump-free. To prevent stiffening before application, only prepare enough for a 2 square meter area per batch. Let your mixture stand for 3 to 5 minutes to give time for chemical slaking and reduce its air bubble content. After slaking, do not add additional water or grout powder. And finally, remember to re-stir the finished mix before use.

For the best results, only apply Standard Tile Grout at least after 24 hours since the tiles were laid -- this would give your Davco Standard Tile Adhesive enough time to dry and set. Remove any loose or foreign materials from the grout joints, such as excess tile adhesives or spacer lugs. Once debris has been removed, make sure the grout joints are clear and dry.

To start applying the grout, put a portion of the tile grout onto the working area. Use a rubber float or squeegee to work the grout into the joints. Make sure to force the grout into the joints and give it a primary clean up using a damp sponge. Let the grout set for 2 hours before cleaning up the grout haze or film with a clean dry cloth. It’s best to allow the grout to cure for another 24 hours before using the freshly tiled surface.

Learn more about Standard Tile Grout and other Parex Products by visiting our website at http://parexgroup.com.ph! Now that Standard Tile Grout is available, you can now have pristinely installed ceramic or natural stone tile surfaces for your home or work surfaces.