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Protect Your Home with Captain Shield!

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Now there’s an easy-to-use and economical waterproofing solution to protect your home! DAVCO Captain Shield Cement Waterproofing Compound can be used as integral waterproofing and surface waterproofing. It’s compatible with all cement types and has no effect on concrete strength and setting time. With its WaterGuard Technology, it lessens water absorption, helps decrease concrete porosity, and prevents steel bar corrosion.

DAVCO Captain Shield Cement Waterproofing Compound is an admixture that can be used on external plastering, flooring, bathrooms, slabs, beams, columns, and foundations. Via WaterGuard Technology, it creates a protective layer that blocks water and helps avoid sulfate-chloride attacks. This innovative product from ParexPH helps you build long-lasting concrete structures and cement plasters as it delivers long-term protection from water ingress.

To use Captain Shield as integral waterproofing, evenly mix 900 grams of it to 40kg of cement. Combine this with your desired proportion of sand and gravel. Add water and mix it until you get the desired workability and consistency.

If Captain Shield will be used as surface waterproofing, evenly mix 900 grams of it to 40kg of cement. Just mix it with water until you reach your desired consistency. Once done, you may proceed to apply it on the surface that needs to be waterproofed.

Homeowners and builders alike will benefit greatly from the reliable, long-term protection that DAVCO Captain Shield Cement Waterproofing Compound has to offer. For builders, they now have a go-to product for their projects to ensure they can achieve durable and lasting waterproofing applications. For homeowners, they can have the confidence that they’re building a home, a legacy, that can stand the test of time.

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